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What are cookies?

Most websites that you visit place small text files on your computer called cookies. Cookies enable websites to work more efficiently and provide information to the owners of the site so that they can improve your viewing experience and keep track of how many visitors view their site. Cookies are an anonymous identifier, they are not in any way linked to your personal information that you may give us during your visit. If you do not wish to receive these cookies you can disable them in your browser, though doing so may affect the way our website works for you. Please visit this link how to remove cookies for instructions on deleting cookies that we have placed on your computer. To learn more about cookies please visit

We use Google Analytics to view where our visitors are coming from, what operating system, browser, screen resolution they using, how they found our website and which pages they are visiting, so that we can further enhance your viewing of For more information on how Google Analytics uses data please visit Google Analytics Privacy Policy.


The Cookies we use and what they are used for:

Google Analytic Cookies

You can Opt-out of this service by visiting - Google Analytics Opt-out

_ga - Is used to distinguish a user. - Expires 2 years after visiting

__utmz – Stores where a visitor has come from (i.e. search engine, search keyword, link). – Expires in 6 months after visiting

__utma – Stores the amount of visits from each user, what times they visit, their prior vist and their current visit. - Expires 2 years after visiting

__utmb and __utmc – Are used to check approximately how long a visitor stays on the website (i.e. when they start visiting to when they end. __utmb expires after 30 minutes, __utmc expires when a visitor closes their browser Cookies

32 Random Character Cookie – This cookie defines you as an individual guest/user. This cookie allows you to view the website as a guest or as a registered user. - Expires when a visitor leaves the

eu-opt-in - This cookie lets us know that you have accepted our cookies and therefore we don't need to ask you again to opt in. - Expires after 3 years of visiting

__atuvc – This cookie allows the AddThis component to function correctly. AddThis is the social interaction panel (post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon etc) that you on our product pages. - Expires on day of connection

Blocking and removing our Cookies

Please note that blocking certain cookies from may disrupt the services offered by to you.

Please note if you decide that you do not wish to receive cookies from you should visit how to remove cookies. Find the instructions for the browser you are using, delete our cookies in your browser and then you shouldn’t revisit again as the cookies will be once again placed on your computer.

By continuing to browse our site, you consent to us placing cookies on your computer, unless you have blocked them.

We have tried to ensure that you have been fully informed on the cookies we use.