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Victorian Antique Whitby Jet Necklace circa 1870


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    Whitby jet jewellery is made from wood from the Jurassic period which became fossilised over time. It is light weight and naturally black and polishes to a shine. It was the perfect raw material for the fashion of large black mourning jewellery so beloved of the Victorians and as such, a whole industry grew up around the North East coastal town of Whitby. The workshops made not only jewellery but objects and souvenirs from this natural product. Despite being over 150 years old, this dramatic and Gothic style necklace looks remarkably modern in its appearance with large discs joined by anchor chain links. All the links are gently graduated in size.
    I believe these pieces were fashion statements worn to compliment the large crinoline gowns of the day and the fashion for black jewellery at the time. Whitby jet pieces such as this are beautiful pieces of hand made Antique jewellery from a very particular place and period in time. It should not be mistaken for a French Jet which is in fact glass. Every collector should have a piece Of Whitby Jet jewellery in their collection.

    ERA: Victorian circa 1860/70

    MEASUREMENTS: Approx 16.5 inches
    Discs 3cm diamond to 2cm diameter approx.
    Pendent 4.5cm long x 2.5 cm wide

    WEIGHT: 37 g

    MATERIALS: Whitby Jet


    MARKS: No

    CONDITION: very good (small repair to clasp)

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